a little, yet plush, grooming salon that specializes in making your pet feel like royalty.

Our Services

The Full Monty

“Everything that has to be done to get the job done.” On top of the hair cut of your choice, this service includes a shampoo, drying, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, scissoring feet, pad shaving and anal gland cleaning.

V.I.P. Stripping

In this service, everything is removed. Your pet will receive exactly what is required due to the amount and severity of the matting. On top of the complete removal of hair, your pet will also get an anal gland cleaning, ear cleaning, pad shaving and nail trim.

Puppy Service

This service is for puppies up to 5 months of age. It includes a basic shampoo, drying, brushing, nail trim, sanitary trim, feet, face and tail trimming, as well as, an anal gland cleaning and pad shaving.

Call us at (251) 960-1311 for a consultation regarding the type and price of grooming required for your pet.

*Proof of rabies vaccinations required for all dogs four months and older.